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Pledge to keep gasoline prices from skyrocketing.

In California, the struggle is real and growing. Families across the state are battling to balance their budgets amidst soaring living costs, escalating inflation, and rises in gasoline prices. 

Gasoline prices in our state rank among the highest nationwide, exacerbated by an additional $1.30 per gallon in taxes and fees. This burden, significant and growing, is a direct result of policies that continuously push prices upward. Now, with even more policies on the horizon, there’s a real risk that these costs could climb even higher, further straining family finances.

Your Legislators Need to Hear From You: Make Them Pledge to Keep Gas Prices from Skyrocking 

The trend is clear – unless we act, gasoline prices will continue to spiral out of control, deepening the affordability crisis for California families. Demand that your representatives and Governor Newsom pledge their commitment to keeping gasoline prices affordable. 

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